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Graco Texspray RTX 5500PI 230v

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Technical Data

The RTX5500 family is the second generation of Graco render (up to 3mm grain size) or plaster sprayers with a more powerful RotoFlex II peristaltic pump and a twin piston air compressor.  It is only available in 230v.  The pump is a tough flexible tube with rollers, that sqeeze the material along towards the spray gun, so it has no valves to block up. Servicing is quick and easy by changing the peristaltic tube.  Both the pump and the compressor are driven by the same electric motor.  The material is pumped along a 1" internal diameter transparent hose to a special spray gun where air is injected to blast the material into a spray.  Ensure that the chosen material is sprayable, ie that the solids do not separate from the liquid phase under pressure; cementitious materials are usually not suitable for spraying.   Supplied with a 7.5 metre twin air/material hose.  When spraying heavy textured materials, the particles will tend to stick to the inside of the material hose, so pre-lubricating it with a wall paper glue solution is advisable.

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Maximum material flow = 21 litres/minute

Maximum material pressure at the pump = 7 bar (100 psi)

Maximum air flow = 9.1 scfm

Nozzles supplied: 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm   and 6 wide texture tips.

Motor:  brushless 2.0 HP 230v

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