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Terms & Conditions

This is a statement of our limited liability for manufacturing defects, and our ownership of any product until its price is fully paid.

Lion Industries is a Distributor, so we sell products that are manufactured by other companies that are mostly well known in the trade.  All of our suppliers are qualified to ISO 9000.  We handle any warranty issues on their behalf, and details of the warranty of each product is supplied with it, or you can ask us what it is for a particular product.  When a major part of a product that we supply, is manufactured by another company, for example a Honda petrol engine, then the warranty of the engine is that of the engine manufacturer.  Whoever is the manufacturer, if you have purchased the equipment from us, we will handle all warranty issues for you according to the manufacturer's warranty and repair the equipment.  Neither our suppliers, no do we accept any liability for consequential loss that may arise from a failure covered by a warranty.

All products and parts remain the property of Lion Industries UK Ltd until they have been fully paid for.  If a product that we have sold is then resold or hired to a third party, responsibility for the full payment of our invoice is with our customer.

While we will provide customers with free advice on our opinion of the suitability of a particular equipment to handle a particular material, the final choice is that of the customer.  We decline any responsibility for the suitability of a product that we supply, to be compatible, and or suitable for use with the product of a paint, coating or other material manufacturer.

The content of the pages of this website are copyright of Lion Industries UK Ltd and may not be copied, without our written agreement.  The trade names of  manufacturers shown on these pages are their copyright.