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Tape and film masking dispensers

Spray painting is not magic; you cannot cut in to a sharp line so you need to mask the work that must not be painted.  It is important to use quality tape and film, so that the adhesive on the tape does not go hard and stick the tape permanently to the surface;  also you have tapes with different tack (stickiness) for surfaces that are more or less sentitive (damaged when you remove the tape) and the adhesive should maintain the same tack for long periods.

  • 3M masking tapes

         Tip-top tapes for the busy paint-sprayer

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  • 3M masking films

         High performance clear masking film

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  • 3M masking dispensers

    Easy to use, dispenses masking tape along the edge of film

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    3M Masking starter kit

    This kit contains a 3M masking dispenser, a roll of 1.5" masking tape and a roll of 48" wide folded film
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