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Graco Merkur 45:1 pneumatic airless sprayer

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Technical Data

The Merkur 45:1 is a very versatile compact airless sprayer with an air motor, which avoids the fire risk when spraying solvent based materials.  The maximum pressure is 4,500 psi, sufficient to spray most coatings.  With a 50 ml pump displacement and a 25' paint hose, it can handle most materials without needing a large volume in the system.  Maximum flow is 3 litres/min.  And at 100 psi maximum air consumption at 20 cycles/minute is 17 scfm.

It is available mounted on a sturdy cart or a wall bracket, and can have a suction hose or 5 litre hopper.  It comes with a 25' paint hose and XTR airless spray gun (not shown).

Also available with an air-assisted airless setup;  please call us to discuss the many variations of the Merkur family


The weight is 58 kgs

The cost of delivery is included in the price

Maximum pressure at the sprayer:  310 bar (4,500 psi)

Maximum flow at 60 cycles/minute  3.0 litres/minute

Maximum spray tip size supported:  27 thou'  (0.027")

Maximum air consumption at 60 cycles/minute  17 scfm (480 litres/minute)

Displacement of the pump: 50 ml