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Graco T-Max 657 plaster sprayer 110v

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Technical Data

T-Max removing pumpThe T-Max 657 plaster sprayer is an airless piston pump specifically designed to spray spray-grade plaster, but not paint.  It can spray this type of plaster without requiring compressed air, up to 7.2 litres/minute and a maximum spray tip of 0.061".  The plaster gun can be adapted to receive compressed air and fitted with nozzles up to 10mm to spray textured materials having a maximum grain size of 3mm.  This T-Max is fitted with an 80 litre hopper and comes complete ready to spray plaster with a total of 13 metres of material hose, spray gun and a 611 and 651 airless reversible spray tip.  It is not compatible with solvent based materials and will not spray paint.

Although the T-Max 657 weighs 115 kgs, it can be quickly separated into the pump/motor unit, the hopper and the chassis to make 1-man handling easy.  A separate bag roller and stirrer mounting are available as accessories.

The T-Max 657 can spray render with a grain size up to 3 mm diameter when an external source of compressed air is available.  The gun is converted to carry a large nozzle up to 10 mm diameter, and the compressed air fed in through a port in the spray gun.

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Maximum spray tip size supported:  0.061" (with plaster)

Maximum pressure at the pump:  65 bar (940 psi)

Maximum free flow rate:  7.2 litres/minute

Motor:  110v   0.9 kW (1.2 HP)

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