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Graco ThermoLazer Promelt (Prices On Application)

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Technical Data

Graco Thermolazer action 2The Graco Thermolazer Promelt is a self-contained thermoplastic line marker, that is pushed forward by the operator and can access narrow places.  It is fitted with LPG gas burners of 100,000 BThU that can heat up 135 kgs (300 lbs) of thermoplastic granules to application temperature in less than an hour.  A variety of dies are available to apply lines from 8 cms to 30 cms wide as well as multiple lines.  It can be fitted with a reflective glass bead dispenser, and can be driven with a Graco LineDriver.

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Main burner output:  100,000 BThU

Heating time for full load:  less than one hour

Temperature limit control 246ºC (475ºF)

Material capacity:  135 kgs (300 lbs)

Bead hopper capacity:  40 kgs (90 lbs)