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Graco LineDriver HD 6.5HP (Prices On Application)

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Technical Data

The Graco LineDriver HD is a sit-on tractor for pushing or pulling the Graco LineLazers IV (except the LLz 3400) and the Graco Thermolazers.  It is powered by a 6.5 HP Honda petrol engine with a hydraulic transmission to allow a simple forward or backwards control through a pedal that is tilted forwards or backwards; there is no gearbox or clutch.  It is connected to the marking machine with a trailer hitch that allows it to be steered.

Graco Linedriver pedal forwardsGraco LineLazer back pedalThe transmission is hydraulic;  when the pedal is pushed forwards down, the LineDriver moves forward, and backwards down, to move back.  Using a linedriver, reduces operator fatigue, gives a more consistent line (through uniform speed) and speeds up the work of marking a series of short lines, for example for car park markings.














Back pedal

The LineDriver reduces operator fatigue and produces a more consistant line due to the constant speed.

When marking short lines, eg in a car park, the forward and backwards pedal improves productivity

Weight 120 kgs

The cost of delivery is included in the price

Motor: 6.5 HP Honda petrol

Transmission:  hydraulic (no gearbox or clutch)