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Graco LineLazer IV 5900 paint line marker, 1-gun(Prices On Application)

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Technical Data

The LineLazer IV 5900 can be fitted with one or two spray guns for double lines.  It has a 5.5 HP Honda petrol engine and an UltraMax II paint pump driven via an electro-magnetic clutch to support a single spray tip up to 0.043" or 2 spray guns each with spray tips up to 0.029", for a maximum total flow rate of 6.0 litres/minute and maximum output pressure of 3,300 psi.

2 large rear wheels and a steerable front wheel provides good stability to achieve uniform lines.  The rigid chassis and anti-vibration engine mount produces the best lines.  The smart control dashboard has a back-lit display and provides a digital readout of several parameters including the total length of lines striped and the volume of material used, as well as output pressure.  It is fitted with a 50' x 1/4" ID paint hose that can be unwound to allow the spraying of stencils and other objects. It is supplied with one or two Graco Flex guns, each with a 217 size striping tip and a 517 general purpose tip.  It can be driven by a sit-on LineDriver.

Picture of LineLazer IV 5900 is shown with 2 guns


The weight is 105 kgs

The cost of delivery is included in the price

Maximum single spray tip supported:  0.043" (45 thou')

Maximum size of 2 spray tips supported:  0.029" (25 thou')

Maximum pressure at the pump:  230 bar (3,300 psi)

Maximum free flow rate:  6.0 litres/minute

Motor: 4.13 kW (5.5 HP) Honda petrol