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Learn-about High Pressure Washing

Graco professional pressure washers deliver up to 18 litres per minute and 4,000 psi, depending on the model, to quickly clean the toughest jobs

These powerful pressure washers have a wide field of application. Professional painters and decorators as well as roof tile painters, use them to remove loose paint and grime prior to repainting. Industrial applications include oil and gas rigs, food processing plants and abbatoires.  Pressure washing requires a much higher flow rate than a paint sprayer can provide, and for professional use, single phase electric motors do not have enough power, so either a petrol engine unit of at least 9.0 HP or an air motor is needed.  For roof tile cleaning, we recommend a pressure washer having a 13 HP engine delivering about 3,500psi and 15 litres of water per minute.

Classic pressure washer jets have a flat spray fan similar to a paint spray tip. However to obtain a powerful cleaning action, a narrow jet is required, but to make this a useful tool, the jet rotates in a special head, to cover a wider area; these are rotary pressure washer tips

The cleaning efficiency can be further increased by the injection of detergents into the suction of the washer, or by injecting sand into a special spray wand, which has the advantage of eliminating the dust from dry sand blasting.

Useful accessories:

    Rotating, oscillating needle jet tips - Remove very tough deposits
    Gun extensions - To reach difficult to access places
    Sand injector - To improve abrasion of the jet
    Chemical injector - To clean greasy deposits
    Horizontal surface cleaner - Concentrates the wash power

There is a wide variety of pressure washers available which we can source, and we keep the Graco G-force™ range in stock that have the following features and benefits:

    Thermal relief valve - Prevents overheating and excessive packing wear
    Ceramic pistons - Long life
    Sturdy cart with big wheels - Easy to load and move on site

    Easy Start pressure relief valve

    Quick hose connection - One hand operation
    Washer spray tip (nozzle) storage - Tips always to hand

Graco GForce II 3072DD pressure washer

Graco GForce II 4040 DD pressure washer