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Graco line marking equipment is compact and easy to use. Different markers are available to apply paint or thermoplastic lines

The marking of lines and other features on roads, car parks, warehouses and other flat surfaces can be done with either hot thermoplastic material or special line marking paint.


Graco Thermolazer action 4
Graco Thermolazer action 4

Graco Thermolazer action

The advantages of thermoplastic lines is that they are hard wearing and have a longer life before having to be renewed;  also, thermoplastics quickly cool and harden, allowing the surface to be soon reopened to traffic.  The disadvantages of thermoplastic are that they are expensive in both material and application methods, and costly to remove which has to be done before renewing the lines.  Worn theromoplastic tends to chip off in places making the lines look ragged.

Paint line marking is much less expensive than thermoplastic and is quick to apply; and as it does not have to be removed before renewing a line, this can be done repeatedly to keep the lines fresh and clean.  This is particularly useful in places where black tyre marks are commonplace such as airports and container ports

Striping a car park
Striping a car park in the USA

Striping a car park in the USA

.  Supermarkets are starting to realise the benfits of paint line marking to keep their car park markings clean and tidy.  In some countries such as the United States, the law requires all road markings to be reinstated before sun-down after road works have been completed and the road section re-opened to traffic, in these circumstances temporary lines are done with paint and later may be replaced by thermoplastic.

Thermoplastic line marking machines can range from small compact hand propelled machines with in-built burners, to large specialist road vehicles fitted with heating tanks and fast dispensing equipment that can make the lines while travelling along.  Most thermoplastic equipment consists of a large vehicle with big heating tanks that dispense the material into hand held molds that are used to manually apply it to the road surface.


Graco LineLazer 130HS gun close-up
LineLazer gun close-up....... Graco 130HS

LineLazer gun close-up....... Graco 130HS

Paint line marking machines spray the special paint directly onto the surface, usually using airless equipment and special cut spray tips (nozzles) to provide a fairly sharp line.  Some older paint markers use low pressure systems and compressed air, but these are not as accurate as airless and lose material as overspray.   Paint markers range from small single line machines for grass playing fields, to ride on machines with 2 spray heads, to truck mounted equipment with up to 4 spray heads for marking long distances.


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