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3M Masking starter kit

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Efficient paint masking systems are an essential part of Power Painting® These invaluable tools consist of a suitable masking tape for the surface to be protected and a protective film.

Until recently, most masking tapes available in this country were of very poor quality and if left on for more than a few hours would become permanently stuck to the surface, so it is no wonder that most British painters do not use masking tapes if they can avoid them. The reason for this poor performance of cheap tapes comes from the natural rubber adhesive that quickly oxidises in the air to become a permanent adhesive.

Professional masking tapes use a synthetic adhesive, usually acrylic based, that keeps its stickiness (the tack) constant for long periods, so that the tape can be left on for weeks. American masking tapes are now available in this country, that use such a synthetic adhesive, with different tacks for various surfaces.

The material used to cover the area to be protected used to be kraft paper, but this has been replaced by transparent film that has the advantages of letting in the light when applied over window frames, but also being impermeable to water and solvents.

Masking dispensers are used to quickly apply tape and film at the same time; they carry a roll of each with the film roll usually folded several times, so that a wide film up to 99" wide can be easily dispensed. Other dispensers carry only tape and are used to seal off the edge of film that has already been placed, or for working around window cills and skirting.
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The masking starter kt includes a masking dispenser, 12" cut off blade, a roll of 1.5" wide general purpose blue tape 180' long, a roll of folded masking firm 48" wide and a video about the product


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