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Wagner HeavyCoat HC940E 110v airless sprayer

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A powerful petrol-hydraulic airless sprayer that does not have a clutch, with the pressure controlled by the set hydraulic pressure.  It has a 3.0 kW single phase 110v or 230v electric motor which can be quickly changed for a 5.5 HP Honda petrol engine.  The linear hydraulic motor that drives the paint pump, is able to extract far more paint power from the motor than traditional crank-shaft driven sprayers, to deliver a smooth and powerful spray.  The HC 940E will support a single spray tip up to 0.049" and a maximum volume of 7.0 litres/minute at 120 bar, so it is well suited for spraying heavy roof coatings and airless plaster.  Maximum pressure is 3,627 psi (250 bar).

The paint pump is the Speeflo design time tried and tested over more than 30 years, so it is very reliable.  It is mounted on a sturdy cart with semi-pneumatic tyres and mounted for direct immersion in the material, to handle the heaviest types. The complete pump can be tilted back to 45° for ease of changing the material bucket, or for connection to a hopper or bulk container, or to horizontal for compact storage.  The warranty is 5 years when you register the sprayer on the Wagner website.

The HC 940E comes with a 50' (15 metres) of 3/8" ID main hose, heavy duty AG 14 spray gun and a 427 reversible spray tip.

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