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Graco Pump Armour and Jerrycan

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If you are using water based materials, you should circulate a 10% solution of the Graco corrosion inhibitor Pump Armour through the sprayer before you put it away after cleaning. The tungsten carbide valve seats of most airless sprayers can quickly rust the valve ball into the seat which often leaves a ring shaped mark on the ball which can cause poor sealing of the valve.  Such a solution can be re-used several times

When working on-site, painters often find it difficult to find a suitable container to make up a 10% solution of pump armour, and once it has been used they have no easy way to transport it to the next job, so Lion Industries is offering a litre of Pump Armour and a 4.4 litre jerrycan having a 100 mm wide mouth and screw cap, that can take the suction and return of most small to medium size sprayers, to allow you to make up a 10% solution of Pump Armour for the final flush.


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