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Graco TurboForce 9.0 HVLP sprayer 110v

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Technical Data

Graco TurboForce 9.0The TurboForce 9.0 HVLP is the ideal portable HVLP sprayer for quality painting on-site.  It has a 4-stage air turbine that is manufactured in the USA by Graco, delivering 3,915 litres of air/minute at 8.7 psi.  It is built into a convenient carry case that holds the Edge HVLP spray gun, 30' (9m) Super-Flex air hose and an extra #4 tip/needle set in a tray in the top of the case. The Edge spray gun is very easy to use; it comes with a 1 litre suction cup which can be converted to a 500 ml gravity cup; it is fitted with a quick-release tip and needle #3 size.

A useful accessory is the ProComp remote pressure cup kit, which is a 2 litre pressure cup, with 2 air and material hoses each 1.5 m (5 ft) long, and a compressor that can be installed on the TurboForce case.  This kit will allow you to work in more confined spaces as well as spray upside down.

Also available for 230v



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Number of turbine stages:  4

Maximum pressure at the turbine: 0.6 bar (9 psi)

Maximum free flow: 3,915 litres/minute

Motor: 110v single phase