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On-site training in Power Painting®

If you purchase from Lion Industries, we will train you on-site where you are working, with your paint, in Power Painting®, the cost of this training being covered in the purchase price, depending on the purchase conditions. It’s easy to hold a spray gun correctly and paint a simple wall, but you need to know how to operate the equipment safely, set it up for each job and how to organise the work. And you should know how to use the essential accessories such as pole spray-guns, pressure rollers, masking equipment, spray shields. And you need to know about the safety aspects of spray equipment and the personal protection equipment needed.

Choosing the right spray tip for each job is very important, as well as the correct filter to back it up. When you are asked to use an unfamiliar paint, will your equipment be able to handle it? If not, where can you obtain the right kit? Lion Industries is happy to advise their customers on these kinds of questions and we have a very long experience in working with paint manufacturers, most of whom know us well, since we often train their own staff. Once you have purchased paint spray equipment from Lion Industries, you will have access to telephone advice on the correct equipment and set-up for different types of paint and work, as well as for problem solving.

In-house training in Power Painting®

We can also provide training in equipment use, simple servicing and Power Painting® techniques on a chargeable basis of our hourly workshop rate plus travel expenses. This is best done on-site in realistic decorating conditions, ideally in a turn of the last century house with high ceilings, sculpted coving, panel doors etc., to enable all the different techniques to be covered in a hands-on situation.

Training hire staff

We are a leading supplier of equipment to the hire trade which we pioneered hiring spray equipment more than 18 years ago; prior to then, the only hirers were specialist equipment suppliers. A key element of that success was and remains the training of hire counter staff in how to use and specify the equipment. We run a certified training programme for hire counter staff that lasts a day, and is usually held in groups of 8/10 people. The morning is devoted to theory and the health and safety aspects, and the afternoon training in spraying and handling the equipment. A short written test is given at the end of the day and a handsome certificate is issued to those who pass, and most do. We also train hire workshop staff who usually attend the counter staff training first. Please call us for details.

Training decorators’ merchants staff

Paint spray equipment is recognised by paint manufacturers to be key to increasing paint sales, not only through increased amount of paint applied and purchased by a particular painter, but also in forging a bond of loyalty with the branch where the equipment was sourced.

Motivating counter staff is key to selling paint spray equipment to customers, so Lion Industries trains their staff in how to use and specify it for different paints and jobs. This gives them the confidence to initiate the sales pitch and respond to opportunities.

Please call us on 01543 251560 for details.

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